I'm Alistair Gainey. I'm a Russian-English translator from Britain. Since beginning my career back in 1998, I’ve translated literally millions of words. If you need something translated from Russian into English, here's what I can offer:

EXPERIENCE: I have more than a decade of in-house translation experience, helping clients to achieve success.

RELIABILITY: I deliver accurate, high-quality translations on time. (That doesn’t mean I work incredibly quickly. It means I agree deadlines and meet them.)

VALUE: My rates are competitive. (That doesn’t mean I’m cheap. It means I provide value for money.)

COMMITMENT: I provide a dedicated personal service. If you need to consult me about anything to do with the translation before, during or after the job, I will respond as soon as I can. If your translation is for a particular purpose, or for a particular audience, I will take that into account. If you need particular terms translated in a certain way, just provide me with a glossary and I will do so.

INSIGHT: Having a) been born and brought up in the UK and b) worked for eight years in Russia, I have a good appreciation of the cultural differences between the two countries.

DISCRETION: You needn’t worry about any confidentiality or security issues. Unless my clients specifically instruct otherwise, I treat all documents provided to me by them as strictly confidential. Naturally, my computer is protected by antivirus software.